© 2015 Cristóbal Bolaños López

One Day in Cristóbal Bolaños’ Life

I feel quite privileged of living in the center of Prague. It’s not only an astonishing city, full of history whenever you go, the whole city is immersed of a magical atmosphere. Still I havent got used to the check culture, as spanish I need some time to adapt to a extremely different way of life. However, I am already starting to enjoy it, checks are really polite and this city looks like is specifically designed for students.

On my first assignment I’ve decided to shoot the kind of images I come across every day when I go to university.  I live close to the river, which I am sure it will turn really cold in about five months, but it’s really worthy to spend ten minutes of your everyday life walking by the shore. So I guess this serie of photos display my regular university days, starting with breakfast with some of my six flatmates (yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I think we all get allong, let’s see in a few weeks), walking by the river, crossing the bridge, standing a bit on the creepy graffties next to the Hollar building, and finally, something I’m obsessed with: the street perfomer musicians. Moreover, I went to a flea market that afternoon. I expected some kind of cheap lamp for my desk, but the experience turn into a crowded stifling feeling.