© 2015 Kim Seyeong


These are about Korean tour guide of Prague. I wanted to take every place of the tour chronologically.

It was Rudolfinum at front of Staromestska station, Charles bridge, John Lennon Wall, and Prague Castle.

First photo is meeting point in front of Rudolfinum. The guide is explaining about the building and Prague history

and people are surrounding her. Second is a road from Rudolfinum to Charles Bridge.

This is including winter atmosphere of Prague and Charles Bridge in background.

Third is at front of Charles Bridge. They are another group of tour guide seeing the bridge.

I wanted to take the bridge and light shpae of castle. Fourth is on the bridge and there are two board.

One has a dog and another has a woman. There is a rumor that if you touch the woman, you can come to Prague again,

and if you touch the dog, your dog’s dream will come true. So it has been touched too many times,

and they are glittering. Actually, it is just rumor and real history is about a man who has 5 stars on his head.

He was saint in Czech and his sculpture is above these board. Next photo is John Lennon wall and a man singing there.

Sixth is after going up to castle, I can see the whole view of Prague there. Next is in the church of Prague castle.

A girl is staring the ceiling with explanation of guide.