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Full steam ahead

The park railway operates since 1950 within the Great Garden Dresden (Germany), a large city centre park, from April to October. The tour is 5.6 kilometres long and attracts approximately 250 000 visitors every year.

There are four locomotives which belong to the railway. Two are steam locomotives (Lisa and Moritz) and the other two are battery electric locomotives.

The special things is that the line is operated and organized by volunteering children.

Now the season is actually over but on the Nicholas Day in December the steam park railway  rides again for the last time of the year.

Since 1996 young and old people are invited and can enjoy a half an hour ride with warm blankets and decorated railway stations.

But this year it was quite hard to reach a Christmas feeling, because the weather was sunny and warm and the blankets were not necessary.

Nevertheless the people and especially the children enjoyed the day.