© 2015 Cristóbal Bolaños López

Photo Reportage: Anti Islamist Demonstration in Prague

Hundreds of people gathered central prague on the 12th of December on a rally against islams to protest the European Union migrant policies. The demostrators overtly expressed their objection to the Check government plans to recieve an stimated 1.500 asylum seekers into the country. Among shouts calling themselves real patriots and showing distateful to islam and multiculturality, a group of anti fascists blocked the way to the crowd. After rather confrontation the anti riot squad froced the counter movement to disuade against their will. 10 people were arrested. Eventually, the crowd came across with people supporting the Green Check Party counter manifestation, calling for solidarity  and claiming a solution for the refugees crisis. It seems that the bloodshed in Paris attacks has lead to a major increase in islamophobic feelings in Central Europe as well.