© 2016 Chang Huang Wen


For me, Czech people be really nice to pet.

In Taiwan, where I come from, it is impossible to see pet in the public transportation, because some people consider that pet will disturb them. They think pet’s smell, sound and behaviors are annoying, so pet is prohibited from entering  in most of public, such as restaurants, hotels and apartments.

What’s more. You need to through a lot of applications and certification to proof you have ability and patience to have a dog or cat. Also, people can not buy dog or cat as pet, adoption is the only wat to keep a dog or cat. I guess that is why there are no stray animals on the street. However, we can buy a dog or cat as pet so easy, people don’t need to do anything to proof they can afford it in Taiwan. That is one of reasons that it is normal to see stray animals walking on the street.

I turely hope Taiwan’s treatment to pet can just like Czech someday. They are a life, not a toy. They are worth to have someone love and take care of them.