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The Leather Journey (Updated Reportage)

The Leather Journey

Thierry Claude (23) has always been interested in crafting and artisanry. One day, after watching some videos on the internet, he attempted to built his own sheath out of leather to keep his fishing knife in. This first contact with leather as a material turned out to spark his interest in the trade. Soon he started purchasing scrap pieces of leather on fleamarkets and experimenting with other projects. The more time he spend working with leather, the more Thierry learned to appreciate the versatility of the leather. He continously started to invest in the appropriate tools and thus widen his array of creative possibilities. Meanwhile Thierry regularly produces very different leather goods such as purses, wallets, sheaths and notebook covers and sells them to family and friends. So far, creating these goods is a hobby but he hopes that one day he will be able to maybe make it into his profession. In this reportage we follow Thierry’s process in creating a leather cover for notebooks or books in general, a product which is comparativly easy and quick to create.