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Reportage: Street Food Festival

On Saturday in the close by area of Cross Club took place a street food festival. The Street Food Festival of Holešovice proved that even the weather isn´t ideal, people are always willing to gather around to enjoy interesting flavors, good food and drinks and lively atmosphere. The area, three times bigger than last year consisted of around 30 different market stalls offering street food from spicy, Asian styled cuisine to more traditional burgers and sandwiches, and not to forget a large variety of drinks. There were also options for visitors with vegan diet.

For some of the sellers the experience was also brand new. One of these was Eli Good, the man behind the Damn Good! Foods -company. Eli and his girlfriend had already arrived 9am in the morning to prepare their market stall. Their concept was interesting mix of Thai, American and Czech flavors and people could choose from four different food options listed in the menu.