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One day in my life

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

When I tried to imagine what I could possibly take in picture to evoke « one day of my life », I saw the irony in the fact that my lover was coming this week-end and that to a certain extent I was expecting one of those days to be unique.

And in fact it was an exceptional moment. So I started a series of portraits of him and clichés of our intimate life, trying to show that the day he was here stroke among the others, that there is such day in your life when you know you have to grasp it before it escapes.

Soon enough, he left Prague and I remained here, by myself.

I looked back on this photo project and realized that this was not my objective, I did not want to show the exceptional. What is one day in your life if not the abrupt interplay between reality and dream ? Just like a rollercoaster, it climaxes to eventually plummet… Thinking about it, I’d rather photograph the fall than the rise.

Most days of my life are full of inadequacies, of raw moments of weakness that I experience but do not share, do not speak about and most of the time am ashamed of.

In one day of my life, trivial repetitive acts alternate with moments of loneliness and doubts. This is what I wanted to show.