© 2017 Barlet Margaux Gaëlle Manon


This portraits’ gallery consists in 5 portraits of 3 different people and 1 self-portrait. The proceedings for portraits and the slf-portrait was really different.

For each model of portrait, I choosed a place with good light and/or interesting atmosphere. I first wanted to bring the models to places they would have choosed or liked, but I realize that none of them was really at ease with my proposal and lack of ideas so I had to lead the shoot from the beginning. Portrait is a really difficult kind of photography, especially when the models are unconfortable in front of the camera. The two girls of my shooting were good and easy to shoot models, because they rapidly became confortable with being shooted and the environment. It was much more difficult with the boy, but I finally found a way to make him at ease by talking about topics that made him distracted from the shooting.

Self-portrait was really easier for me. Indeed, that’s a kind of photo I really like and that I often practice. I like the fact to be my own model because I can exactly reproduce what I want on my photos and I also enjoy the fact that I can easily shoot for hours in my room without disturbing or annoying anyone. For this self-portrait, I benefit of a wonderful morning light through my curtains that gave the photo a retro look I really like.