© 2018 Lin Chih-Yu


For the portrait, I chose to shoot the kids. They are big challenge for me because they always moving around and you need to have a good frame instead of cutting their parents. Shooting stranger also is a new challenge to me. The moment you click the shutter is also important. It is an difficult series but so much fun in it.

This photo is the best shot in my series. The kids are so cute and the moment is perfect. Their parents don’t mind me taking their photo.

Kid want to get more candy from her parents, making some funny face.

Kids go shopping with moms, they look not so happy i guess. Kids are so funny they are always eating.

On the tram back to my home, this kid is eating the handle. It is a little bit dirty but he looks like enjoy it.

This kid is following her parents and they are in the rush. I really like the moment and the emotion in this photo. Although the focus is not in the right place.

This boy look so confused, he is stand next to his father. Kids are not a big object especially in the main street of Prague. The composition is also hard when you try to capture the right moment.